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        Now faith is being sure of what we hope for and certain of what we do not see. (Hebrews 11:1)

 LESSON PLANS (details)

CHAPTER ONE: God Created the World and Man

The Creation; The Creation of Man; God, Our Creator & Preserver; Give Thanks; Creation & Evolution; The First Article on Creation

CHAPTER TWO: God Promised the Savior to Sinful Fallen Man

The Fall into Sin; The Tempter; The Promise; The Consequences; The Sin of Men; Mercy & Judgment

CHAPTER THREE: God Entrusted the Promise of a Savior to Abraham, Isaac and Jacob

The Call of Abraham; The Lord’s Covenant with Abraham; A Test of Abraham’s Faith; Righteousness through Faith; Jacob; Joseph

CHAPTER FOUR: God Delivered His People Israel and Gave them His Written Law

Israel Afflicted; Moses; Israel Delivered; The Giving of the Law; The Law

CHAPTER FIVE: God Showed Himself Faithful to His Unworthy People

Israel in Canaan; David; Solomon & The Divided Kingdom; The Captivity & Return of Judah; The Prophets

CHAPTER SIX: God Sent His Son to Save Man

The Announcement of John’s Birth; The Announcement of Christ’s Birth; The Birth of Jesus; The Young Jesus; The Person of Jesus Christ; The God-Man Our Redeemer

CHAPTER SEVEN: By Word and Deed Jesus Showed Himself to be the Christ

The Baptism of Jesus; The Holy Trinity; The Miracles of Jesus; Jesus’ Teaching; Christ’s Obedience to the Law

CHAPTER EIGHT: Jesus Suffered and Died for our Salvation

Up to Jerusalem; The Supper & Gethsemane; Jesus in the Jewish Court; Jesus in the Roman Court; Calvary; He suffered and Died for us

CHAPTER NINE: Jesus was Exalted to the Right Hand of the Father

Humbled & Exalted; He Descended into Hell; The Third Day He Rose Again from the Dead; He Ascended into Heaven; He Sits on the Right Hand of God the Father Almighty; The Second Article on Redemption

CHAPTER TEN: Jesus Pours Out the Holy Spirit Upon His Disciples

Pentecost; The Spirit, the Creator of Faith; God’s Will to Save; Gifts of the Spirit; Sanctifying us in Faith; Keeping us in Faith

CHAPTER ELEVEN: The Holy Spirit Gathers the Holy Christian Church

The Church in Jerusalem; The Church Among the Gentiles; The One Holy Christian Church; Invisible, but Marked; Church and Churches; Unity & Separation

CHAPTER TWELVE: The Holy Spirit Guides the Church by Means of the Scriptures

The Writers of the Old Testament; The Writers of the New Testament; Verbal Inspiration; True, Clear, Sufficient; Abiding Forever; Preaching Christ


CHAPTER THIRTEEN: God Forgives All Sins to All Believers in Christ

Law and Gospel; Our Need of Forgiveness; Justification; Justification for All; Justification - Through Faith; The Spirit’s Means; Entrusted with the Gospel

CHAPTER FOURTEEN: God Gives Eternal Life to All Believers in Christ

Death; The Second Coming of Christ; The Resurrection of the Body; Judgment; Eternal Death and Eternal Life; The Third Article on Sanctification

CHAPTER FIFTEEN: God teaches us to Pray

Prayer; The Lord’s Prayer - The Address;  The Seven Petitions; The Doxology

CHAPTER SIXTEEN: God Guides us by His Law in our New Life with Him

The Giving of the Law; The Purpose of the Law; I Am the Lord Your God; The First Four Commandments

CHAPTER SEVENTEEN: God Guides us by His Law in our New Life with our Neighbor

The Sixth through Tenth Commandments; The Fulfillment of the Law

CHAPTER EIGHTEEN: God Makes us His Children through Holy Baptism

The Institution of Baptism; Baptism - For Whom?; Baptism - By Whom?; The Blessings of Baptism; How Can Water Do Such Great Things; The Meaning of Baptism for our Life

CHAPTER NINETEEN: God Opens Heaven to Us Through the Use of the Keys

The Keys; Who has the Keys?; Ministers of Christ; Preaching and Hearing the Good News; Dealing with Plainly Impenitent Sinners; Confession; Absolution

CHAPTER TWENTY: God Assures us of His Forgiveness in the Lord’s Supper

The Institution of the Lord’s Supper; For Whom is this Sacrament?; What is the Sacrament of the Altar?; The Blessings of the Lord’s Supper; How Can Eating and Drinking Do Such Great Things?; Who Receives this Sacrament Worthily?; Guidelines from the Word

Appendix I Some Notes on Church History

Appendix II Luther’s Small Catechism

Appendix III Christian Questions

Comments: Two lessons per week; Ten week total; the more work put into the class the more valuable the class becomes; No charge; May discontinue at any time; Invited to become members if you test our teachings and find them true to the Word of God

To the Jews who had believed him, Jesus said, ‘If you hold to my teaching, you are really my disciples. John 8:31