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The Lord has blessed St. Stephen’s with ministry of the gospel for many years. Our congregation is a member of the WELS (Wisconsin Evangelical Lutheran Synod).   We are therefore STRONG in the WORD of GOD.   Whenever there is a question about right and wrong we go to the WORD of GOD for the answer.    We do this because the Bible is God’s Word.  It therefore has the correct answers to everything.  In John 17:17 we learn “Your (God’s) Word is Truth.” 1 Thessalonians 2:13 says, “When you received the word of God which you heard from us, you accepted it not as the word of men, but as it actually is, the word of God.”   All the words of the Bible are God’s Word because God the Holy Spirit taught the human writers not only the thoughts but even the words they wrote.”   The Pastor of our congregation says it this way: “The writers God used for His Word were like secretaries as God inspired them to write down exactly what mankind needs to know about God, Sin, Jesus, Salvation, Grace, Faith, Love, Good Works, Worship, and so much more.”    
Evidence of St. Stephen’s membership’s trust in “the truth of God’s Word” is found in our ministry of preaching and teaching at St. Stephen’s.   Our ministers have thorough training in God’s Word for many, many years so that they can study, serve and share God’s Holy Word to those under the churches care.
At every worship service the Word of God is found in everything from the words of our hymns to the weekly scripture readings (and explanations); to the weekly sermon which is based on a portion of the very Word of God,  preached by the minister to inspire the congregation in their faith and Christian living.   The Word of God is also found at every adult bible class, every Kids for Christ Sunday school class, every bible history class, every catechism instruction class, every church inquirers class, and every special class is important to strengthen us in the knowledge of God’s truths and in our faith in God’s saving love in His Son, Jesus Christ our Lord.   We take God’s Word seriously. We believe every congregation should take his word seriously as evidenced in who and what their ministry is all about.   It should be all about Jesus our Savior and God’s inspired, inerrant Word of Truth.
We want you to know that we at St. Stephen’s do not in any way believe we are better than anyone else in this world. But because we know we are sinners, we know how vital it is to worship him and GET INTO GOD’S WORD. REALLY GET INTO IT. Romans 15:4 says “For everything that was written in the past was written to teach us, so that through endurance and the encouragement of the Scriptures we might have hope.” Our hope is based on Jesus, the ONLY hope of salvation. He did everything to save us. He offers us the gift of eternal life and the forgiveness of sins by trusting in his grand love shown by dying on the cross and rising back to life to justify us before God our Father in heaven.   Our faith lays hold of this truth and believes in Jesus alone as the Way of Salvation. Our faith also takes God’s commands seriously.  We do NOT believe that things we do can save us. But we do believe that the undeserved love of God in Christ Jesus is real and our Christian thanks to God by trying to keep his commands to honor Him with lived dedicated to Him, not to ourselves. Worship is all thanking God for His love.
Our Facilities:
St. Stephen’s has been greatly blessed by the Lord with beautiful facilities. We encourage everyone to visit us sometime soon. We have church services on Sundays at 9:45am and Thursdays at 7:30pm.   Perhaps you would like to meet the minister at the church and he can give you a tour of our church and talk about our ministry of the gospel at St. Stephen’s. The parsonage phone number is (920)484-3991.
While we feel very blessed with the gifts of our facilities, but we also know that the most important gifts we have are given to us by God in the sameness of our beliefs that we share as we gather together around the gospel good news about Jesus in Word and sacraments for the salvation of our immortal souls and the glory of God’s most holy name.
Someone foolishly once said: “You don’t have to go to church to be a Christian.”   However, when someone knows God and His Word right, they also realize: “Christians go to Church.”   Why? So they can feel superior to those who don’t worship? NO!!!  So they can have a better chance for getting to heaven? NO!!!   Rather, by God’s grace worshiping Christians recognize their deep need to lay their sins before the Lord and beg his forgiveness not only in their daily prayers and faith, but also in their weekly worship services.   If the Lord didn’t want His people to gather together for worship and growth, He wouldn’t have commanded that we worship weekly (third commandment), and He wouldn’t have established the ministry of servants called ministers who are privileged to preach, teach, baptize and offer communion to church members for the forgiveness of their sins and the hope of everlasting life. (the ministry of the keys)   Thus, our minister is called to “preach the gospel of our Lord in its truth and purity, administer the sacraments in according with the inspired Word of God and the Confessions of the Evangelical Lutheran Church, and to establish and maintain sound Lutheran practice at all times.”
Are you welcome to come to our church? Of course. We love visitors. And we promise we will not put you “on the spot” in any way.   Are you welcome to sing and praise God along with us in our songs and prayers? Certainly.  It is good to sing and make music in our hearts and with our lips – to God. Are you welcome to give attention to the Word of God through the minister. Yes. We hope and pray you find the truths of the Word preached, explained, taught and shared enlightening for your heart of faith. Are you welcome to talk to members and pastor about programs and other things about our church. We hope you do.   Are you welcome to take a class inquiring about the basic teachings of the Word through our church and with our pastor.   Most certainly. The Pastor will do everything he can to work with you and show you the wonderful truths of the Word and the good news about Jesus. Are you welcome to have your children (or yourself) baptized? Yes. Speak to the Pastor for details about holy baptism. You do not have to be a member for baptism.   Are you welcome to join us for holy communion? After instruction in the Word about God’s beautiful gift of holy communion and what God teaches about a number of other important doctrines, Yes.  
Our Schedule:
Monthly Schedule:
Non-Members always welcome!
Thursday Worship Services 7:30pm
Sunday Worship Services 9:45am
“Kids for Christ” Sunday school classes (call for times) 
Adult Bible Studies:  Thursdays 6:30pm in the fellowship hall or cry room (no classes in summer)
Catechism Class Instructions: (Studying the Doctrines in the Holy Word)
              For all 7th-8th Grade Children every Wednesday (call Pastor 484-3991 for details)
              (Confirmation after two years – Confirmation Day the Sunday After Mother’s Day)
Bible History Classes: (Using the Visual Bible – video – to learn the history of Jesus’ life as found by Matthew or John and to learn the history of the Early Christian Church as found in the book of Acts.) See Pastor for class details for 5-6th grade level students.
Special classes or seminars from time to time.
Inquirers Classes – set up with the Pastor so everyone merely inquiring what we teach may test what St. Stephen’s teaches to make sure that our teachings are God’s teachings found in His Word, and not man-made. 
Lutheran Elementary School – Zion Lutheran School in Columbus is available for Lutheran primary education. See Pastor for more information. St. Stephen’s will make every effort to help with tuition costs.
Lutheran High School – Lakeside Lutheran High School in Lake Mills is available for Lutheran secondary education.   Congregational effort will again be made to assist in tuition costs.
Lutheran Preparatory School education for possible pastors/teachers in the Lutheran Church available in Watertown with Congregational efforts to assist in tuition costs.