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Children have many needs.  They need to be loved.  They need time with their parents.  They need guidance and instruction from the home and school.  But they also  need help from the Church instructing them with the truths of the Lord.  In this difficult world we live in, the children need Jesus forgiving them and guiding them with the WORD of GOD more than ever.  Children also need parents who will support and encourage them in their faith lives as they practice their faith in daily life and at Worship services.

The Lord wants children to grow up KNOWING Jesus and learning the Word of God.  The biggest void in a child's life results when GOD'S WORD AND THE TRUTHS ABOUT JESUS OUR SAVIOR are absent.  Sleep is not more important than the spiritual life of a child that know Christ loves them and forgives them which can be found at Sunday School and Church; and which we hope and pray is found in the home. 

DON'T NEGLECT the spiritual instruction of your children.  It's far to valuable for life and the only way to find the eternal life promised in Jesus.

By the way, Sunday school along with Church are so important.  That means, parents need to be an example by bringing them to church first, and then letting them go listen, learn and find answers to their questions at Sunday School. 

VISITORS TO OUR CHURCH ARE ALWAYS WELCOME to learn about the Lord with us at both Sunday School and Church.

May GOD bless our children and the instruction our Sunday School has to offer to help Christian parents increase the fairth of their children in the Savior. 

Kids for Christ at St. Stephen's begins with 9:45am Church Services.  Pastor includes a children's sermon during the service.  The children's bible story for the day will be the story Pastor Bolda uses for the day's sermon.  Following the sermon, during the offering, the children go downstairs to their classrooms to discuss and apply the truths of the bible story/sermon for the day .  
Interested in teaching, assisting, or substituting? See Pastor!


At St. Stephens WE USE THE NEW CHRIST LIGHT CURRICULUM from the WELS publishing house:  Northwestern Publishing House in Milwaukee, Wisconsin 




We currently use Christ Light Materials for Sunday School avaialbe through Northwestern Publishing House in Milwaukee.

Next year our plans include switching to the newest curriculum now available thorugh Northwestern Publishing House.


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