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(920) 484 - 3822 (Church)
Pastor Tim Gumm
(920) 484 - 3433 (home)  

Pastor Timothy Gum
 Contact Email: timhgumm@aol.com
 Contact Phone: (920) 484 - 3433 (home)




Thursday services will not be available until notified otherwise. Please schedule your life around Sunday Worship. If you cannot attend early or late service at on congregation, go to the other service at the other congregation.


Sunday worship will be held on Sundays starting at the following times at the following locations:

·         At 8:15 am at Saint John’s Lutheran Church located at N4141 Thompson St, Doylestown, WI 53928.

·         At 9:45 am at Saint Stephen’s Evangelical Lutheran Church located at 221 N Main St, Fall River, WI 53932.